Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wonder Con
Moscone Center in San Francisco

Wonder Con is here again. Feels like I just did this show a few months ago. People today are flying in and unpacking getting ready to throw down comics,art,toys,and anything else that might be crazy.
Big thanks goes out to Vitamin Eman over at 89.9FM KCRH Radio. Both Chris Williamson and I were asked to do yesterdays radio show and talk about our Gevaudan project and Wonder Con this weekend.

My table is SP-40 in Small Press area.
Chris and I will be signing and giving out a new poster from Ferric Press with each purchase. I'll have some new prints and posters along with some new work for people to see.

A couple of tables next to me will be Gary Montalbano and Cody Vrosh.

Gary Montalbano will and selling his prints and art book Memories Within Dreams.

Before or after check out artist Cody Vrosh at Binary Winter. He will be telling art stories,pushing art, and if your lucky draw you a gas mask.

All the Best!!


On Friday in downtown San Jose at Kalied Gallery there will be a memorial show featuring the work of Jessica Beerli.
Unfortunately Jessica passed away at the begging of this year and was on her way to do some really fantastic work. I had the great opportunity of meeting Jessica at the last Kalied Christmas party. Prior to that I only knew her work. Color and technique are some the qualities that are very present in the work she created.

Come out if you can and celebrate the life of a very talented artist.

You can find out more info HERE!!!!!! Kaleid Gallery!!!!!

Lacey Bryant

Lacey is another talented Kalied artist who will be showing at the OZ Gallery up in San Francisco. She is a monster with oils and proves it with every new piece she puts out. Always amazing work and someone to look out for. If you have not heard about her you will.

OZ Gallery In San Francisco
April 1st Begging at 8pm. 3224 22nd st (between Mission & Bartlett)

More Info HERE!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It is funny how I get so anxious to talk about art sometimes after long periods of working and not talking to any other artists. Ultimately what I’m thinking and trying to say does not always come out how I would like. I am sure this was apparent last night. Aside from skipping over my thoughts and words I managed to have a great conversation with a few fellow artists.
While talking one of the questions came up was “What do you do when you can’t draw that day?” My reply at the moment was “Push yourself and just draw. Draw the stuff you do know and start moving into the stuff you don’t. At some point while you’re working things will start to click visually for you and give you the confidence to start handling those problems you want to work on.

Hmmm … do I follow my own advice and was that prefect thing to have said? I don’t want to be giving out bad advice; I’ve been guilty of that before, I’m sure. So here it is today and I have to work on an item that does not seem to be working. So I pull out a piece of scratch paper and start drawing. Some of it is ok and some is just crap but I keep moving on the page until I start coming up with a piece that is visually decent.
So here are few of the drawings I did before I started in on finishing up work. I didn’t let myself spend too much time on each one. I just did one then moved on to the other.

In the past when I would hit a wall I would just walk away for a moment just to change my thinking. I would go skate, find a piece of music, or look to something that inspires me visually. Then when I return to the task at hand I can approach it perhaps a little differently.

Everyone is different and each artist will figure out what works for them as they continue working. If you have a better method then mine let me know I would love to hear it.
All the BEST!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Much has happened in the past week with everything going on in Japan. Condolences and Positive thoughts go out to all those dealing with the devastation in those areas. If you would like to help in any way you can contact your local RED CROSS or go to this LINK HERE.

You are also able to text in any donations you might want to give. More info at this LINK HERE.

Line work for new painting in the works. More soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Great catching up with old friends and meeting new people at this years Emerald City Comic Con. Big Thank You to everyone who stopped by the table. I have a few photos from the live art show that went down. I’ll post those a little later. In the mean time catching up on work and then off to the city to see the lecture at CCA.
Sam Weber and Jillian Tamaki will be talking about Illustration and details about their work.