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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's been a long night. Now to get a few hrs sleep and do all again.
More Soon.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Tue.

Hey cool kids!
Anyone reading Ink Stains by Jim Mahfood? You should!
In the house stuck at the desk pushing the pen. 13 and God in the ear and working on ideas for new art show Jan 9th. More soon.


Monday, December 14, 2009

It's F'ing Monday!

Hey Cool Kids,
Some days go better then others. This is not one of those better days. To much work and not enough time.
Bowl of tomato soup and Diesel Boy in the ear.
Hope your Monday is going better than mine.
More Soon.


Need Some Art?!

Big Thank You goes out to Gallery Nucleus for allowing me to be part of their Power In Numbers show that opened on Sat. The show plans to be up until Dec. 28th and will give a portion of the sales to the American Red Cross.

All the work is framed at 5”x 7” and priced at $100. For those not able to attend the show in person you can view and buy art online HERE.

Another added bonus upstairs is The Art of Sherlock Holmes by John Watkiss . Go see some of the amazing groundwork for the new movie with Robert Downey Jr. All work is for sale and will be up until Jan 18th 2010.

Buy one or the set.

More soon.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art Box

It’s Cold! That is the phrase that seems to be said by me more than 10 a day this week. Puts me in a mood of “Screw this I’m not getting out of bed”. Then I get the call that buzzes my phone and the email that rings my computer and I have to get up.

Let’s talk Art!

 “What mediums do you use?”  This is another question I get from time to time.

The short answer is Everything I can. I am sure there are those artists that are just set on using paint and those just in pencil. I’m not set in one way of doing things. If it works and gets the job done I’ll use it.

Here is my workbox!! This thing goes with me to every convention and as you can see its filled with a number of things. For a while I was against getting one of these to trek around but Nicole convinced me otherwise. I’m glade she did.

Lets do a quick inventory of what I have in here.

Bic Pens: I love using these pens for drawing. Bic should give me a sponsorship for using them so much. You Hear Me Bic?!!!

Sharpie Pens: Don’t know an artist that doesn’t just have one of these in his toolbox. These are useful drawing tool and good to have around when you are signing your art.

Kneaded Rubber Eraser: I end up having a few of these that end up in different shapes. It is really good to have for your pencil work.

Small electric Eraser: Sometimes you lay down a line that just to stubborn to come up. This tool is good to tighten up your messy pencils.

White Out Pens: I’ll use a few different kinds like Uni, Elmers, and Sharpie. Love drawing with these as well as using them for quick fill inns and highlights.

Fat Tip Markers: These things mean business so keep in a well-ventilated area. Good for throwing down fat black lines and fill inns. I love having different kinds. One of my favorites is large red color Krink.  Pilot and Sharpie’s are also kept.

Liquitex Acylic Paint: I keep a various amount of small tubes. I get all my live art shows done with these.

Sanford Col-Erase Pencils: I love working with these pencils. Having various colors of reds blues and green. I use these to lay down my line work when I do use a pencil.

Prismacolor Pens: These are great markers to use. Great tones of colors to choose from and always kept in my box.

Copic Markers: I have just few of these. I don’t find I use these as many other artist do. However they are great pens and have a lot of tones to choose from. Have to buy some wide tipped ones soon.

0.5 Lead Pencil: When I need to make a sharp line I have a favorite one that is a pencil and pen in one made by Mitsubishi. I found it over at Kinokuniya bookstore.

Art Pallet: I keep a small plastic one that has a lid so that I can mix a lot of colors and close it up and not waste my paint when I’m done.

Small bottles of water: I keep two small oz sized bottles of water to clean brushes and mix my paint.

Pentel Color Brush: These brushes are awesome. I was at a show talking to another artist when I saw this style of brush and had to go out and buy some.

Brushes: I’ll keep various sizes and kinds of brushes in my box. I even have a few in here I bought at Ikea. Sponge brushes are fun to work with as well.

So everything from Bic pens to Acrylic paints and various markers and brushes.  I even keep spray can tops in here for those moments I feel I’m in a can mood. Hats off to you guys that can draw with just cans. That is something I don’t have down as of right now. Maybe I can change that.

I hope this helps those that did have questions. If you still have some feel free to ask.


More Soon


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Power In Numbers

Chemix here with a couple announcements:

-Emonic will be showcasing some new work at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA along with a ton of other great artists at their anual Power in Numbers show. The opening reception is on DEC 12th from 7:00pm - 10:00pm and will run till December 28th. If you've been wanting a chance to own an original Emonic or perhaps just spruce up your original art collection this is a great opportunity as the running theme of the show is pieces priced at a max $100! Here's a few previews for you till then:

- Next order of business: If you've been having a hard time following Emonic news that's mostly because we haven't been keeping up our end of the bargain. Doing shows for most the of the year makes it hard to post often, but we're aiming to fix that starting now. Expect more up-to-date posts with lots of announcements, shows, and news this coming year. In addition to keeping better care of the blog, you can now also follow (and tell your friends to follow) Emonic news on:

- Lastly, if you have any requests for social media outlets that you think would be great for Emonic to post on, have pictures or content related to Emonic or his art, or have any questions involving his services, shoot me an email at

That's it for now. Stay tuned to the blog (or your network of choice) for future news!

- chemix

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It is funny to think that the impact of a blog will help see insight to anything at all about the person you are reading about, but to do that there needs to be weights of real truth given. In my case it seem to be trickles of drops here and there. Frankly there is part of me that is just not in the mood to do it. On other days I feel different of course.

I find it interesting to hear people’s points of views on my work that I think is crap. It is also interesting to find those that feel they need to tell you what your work is and that their word should be the last and finale above all others. He he Suckers!!

The question is asked from time to time.” How do you come up with your ideas?” So that being a question I feel I could jump on I’ll try and give an explanation perhaps you might mirror or that you know you have no relation with.

When trying to come up with something it's not always easy and on other occasions it feels as though the well is endless and I can’t find a stopping point to find sleep. Often it I find myself going through my catalog of music to obtain a feeling or certain point of view. Music happens to be my strongest catalyst. I run through my Ipod, computer,cd collection, and online to find something to open that third eye. I want to get in that zone were my mind is not thinking in the common manner. To the point were my thoughts start to get textured.

If I find that is not working, which on some occasions is doesn’t I’ll watch a movie or go skateboard. Quit often you hear other artists self-medicating themselves with items ranging from caffeine to other exotic combinations. That is something I can’t do. Unfortunately I can’t have large amounts of caffeine and alcohol is only taken in small doses on special occasions. Anything else is out of the question. However I do find many hours of no sleep creates this open mind effect, which I enjoy up until the point I know I’m hurting my body depriving it of rest.

My subject ideas tend to jump from the cute to the brooding to the down right evil. It sometimes depends the mood I’m in other than the job I’m working on. I quite often find myself trying to balance the inner kid that wants to be more and mixing it with some type of musical aspect. Other times I’ll concentrate just on the figure and continue to add lines till the image starts to move down a road I feel comfortable with.

Masks seem to be a common theme in my pieces along with a few other items. I like the Idea of sometimes not knowing whether my characters could be bad or good. Just like life it’s not always how the person appears but how he or she acts. It’s also nice to keep a mystery about something even though you can see it in plain sight.

More Soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing.

So here is another one for you.
Was looking through some old commissions I did and found this one done a while ago.
Monky and Horns.
More soon..

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is what's UP!!

It’s 5:02am going over all the art I’ve got to get done. Last week was APE Con up in SF. A little late but Thanks to all those that came by and showed your support. As you can tell I don’t make this update thing at All a habit. I might back track bit on posting old work up here and there from shows previous.

So this week what’s going down? Well if you live in the San Jose area and happen to be in Japan town hit up Roy’s Station for a good cup of coffee or treat. I’ve done an exclusive print for them. More info on Roy’s and directions here

While at APE I bought one of the best sketchbooks I think I might have bought in awhile. The book is itself a piece of art. All hand bound and layered with some nice rage paper. I’ll post up the maker’s info a little later.

You ever buy some really good paper look at it when you get home and say “What the hell am I going to put on this now?” It’s so expensive you don’t want screw it up. I get that way with expensive papers and canvases. It’s always a hurdle to jump in my mind. Once I get past that I just don’t care and keep drawing. That being said I’ll be filling the damn thing up and keep posting pics here.

Now for a little sleep.

More soon…

Friday, October 02, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con or Bust!!!

Hey everyone! This is Chemix (the goofy kid with the hat) taking over Emonic's blog for a little while. Emonic will be in Long Beach Starting today until Sunday. If you're in the area go check him out and if you're there! He'll be in in the Artist Alley at table 102 with the remaining copies of his first full-color artbook along with prints and shirts. Also if you get a chance during THIS EVENING ONLY you can watch him perform live art with the likes of Jim Mahfood and friends at 8:30 PM in Room 204. If you still need more convincing (REALLY?!) you can look up info at:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live art this Saturday!!!

I will be doing live art this saturday in Sacramento at Empire's Comic Vault @

2357 Arden Way
Sacramento Ca 95825
(Between Fulton Ave. & Bell St .).

It goes from 11 - 4pm, so drop on by if you're in the area!! For more information go to


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flash Back and Burning Man

This Sunday I will be in Sacramento at the Sac Con Flash Back.
More Info Here.

Next week I will be at Burning Man. On Wed and Thursday night at midnight I will be doing live art at Center Camp.

Far from the tree.
24"x18" Acrylic on Canvas.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Prints!

Some new items in the store. Go get your fix.
All the best!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Jose Super Toy Comic and Record Show

I will be at the San Jose Toy show again this Saturday, 8/22!! If your around hit this up and say Hi !

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
344 Tully Road, San Jose, CA 95111

Early Bird 9 AM - 10:59 AM
General admission 11 AM - 4 PM

General Admission: $5.00
Kids Under 12: $2.50
Early Bird: $15.00

For more info:

Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego Comic CON 09

This weekend I will be at the San Diego Comic Con. My table will be located in the same place as last year at Sarka-Navon Design/Gary Montalbano/Emonic H11
I will also have a limited run of my new 44pg book REPLICANT. Also I’ll have a few new shirt designs and original work for sale.

Sat. night July 25 I will be doing live art in the Gas Light district of downtown San Diego. Artist in on the event are Dumperfoo,Sean Dietrich,Griffen One,Cody Vrosh, Paul Allen, and me. Come on by and say hi.
All the Best!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man and the Moon

Been wanting to put this up for some time now but have been waiting for the right time. Commission done for Ryan Graff's Sandman collection.

This weekend I will be signing at The Comic Outpost on Ocean in San Francisco from 11 to 3. Those in the area stop on by and say Hi.
All the Best!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This past weekend I did the Fanime Con here in San Jose. I was called up last minute to help promote Sac Anime and From the Land Beyond Horror Show. Although this was my second Anime show it turned out to be a good show.
Thank you to everyone that stopped by the table and showed their support!

At the show I happened to meet a couple of really awesome artists.
Justin Hernandez and Alexis Cala from
had my attention the most at this con. Justin with his original creature work and Alexis with her art style and story telling. What also caught my attention is their collaboration work.

If you want to find out about some new artists this week these two are it ! I’m sure to see more of their work in the months to come.

All art Justin Hernandez © 2009

All art Alexis Cala © 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This Friday Live Art at Illusive Comics in Santa Clara from 6-10.
More Info here Illusive Comics
Super-Con this weekend in downtown San Jose.
Sat 10-6 and Sun 10-5. I’ll have two tables in Artist Alley A67/68. One for my work and another for kids and other artists to paint.
More info at

Sunday, May 03, 2009

CODY VROSH and EMONIC Art SHOW and I Need Some Rest.

To much to do an never enough time with enough energy. In the past few weeks I’ve been to Portland Organ twice Seattle and Canada. All while trying to keep myself together and get over one cold only to get another.

This weekend Sunday at 7pm Art Show at Secret Agent Hair Solon In San Francisco. Both Cody Vrosh and I will have new work. His 11 paintings to my 8 new paintings up for grabs for a whole month.
Come get em.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Floating World Comics/ Emerald City Comicon

So its like this

FRIDAY Portland OR at Floating World Comics 4-7pm doing live art with the Hot Zombie Chicks Love Brains Tour.
More info HERE!

Then Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA for SAT and SUN APR 4-5.
Exhibitors Table 1101
More info HERE!

Line work for a new painting for upcoming Art show in May. Enjoy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bouse is Keeping Time!

For all the cool kids.
Bouse is keeping time and he will keep it for you.
Small Bouse clock in the store now.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Sac-Con this Sunday!

This past weekend at Wonder-Con was a little bit of crazy fun. A big Thank You! to everyone that came out and showed their support. It was great catching up with old friends and fans as well as meeting new ones. Keeping busy as always with new artwork and ideas.
This coming Sunday I will be a guest at SAC-CON up in Sacramento at the Scottish Rite Center. Show time is 10AM - 5PM. Please stop on by and see all the cool new prints, shirts, and sketchbooks for sale. In the upcoming weeks, I will also be having an art show up in San Francisco. More details to be announced later. Just wanted to drop a short line and let everyone know what to expect next, as always, thank you for all the support.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Wonder Con is here again! I will be located in the Small Press area at Table # SP25.
Just wanted to drop a line to everyone about a new upcoming event, which will be happening this weekend in San Francisco. Wonder Con will be held at Moscone Center South Feb 27- Mar 1. For more info on directions and ticket pricing go to

Come on by and check out some of the new material and items for sale. If you find that you are not able to attend then check out the online store for the new items here at

Thanks for your time and all your support.

Friday, February 06, 2009


This is what happens when you have too much Ice Cream!

Want Some?!

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44Th President

All the best to President Barack Obama and his Family and Staff.
Sketch done during his Presidential Speech.