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Just want to take a moment of your time and say Thank You to all those that came out and showed your support for my work. You all made last night a real experience for me. There are many of you that traveled from jobs,long distances, or moved other personal events to the side to be there at the show. I can't thank you enough.
I hope that the time spent at the show was positive and you were able to take away something that intrigued or inspired you in a positive tone. I was a surprised that I had to speak and I hope that what ever I had to say was constructive and help pull the curtain down a bit on the work process. If there are any questions that you might still have about the work please ask.
My apologies to those I talked to only for a brief moment. Navigating all the conversations was a bit of a task for me.
I realize many were not able to make the event for personal reasons. However I want also thank those of you for your support and all the positive feed backs and well wishes I received.
To Dorothy Whitman ,Jennifer Soutas,and the Ameriprise staff THANK YOU for all you hard work and support in setting up the event and opening your space to my work. I hope that you enjoy the art and the event was a positive one.
I've been given the option of holding a closing for the show in April. For those that were not able to attend and would care to see a closing show hit me up through here or email. If there is a request of about 20 or more people I'll consider doing it.
Thanks for your time and I wish you ALL THE BEST!!!

p.s Everyone is able to see the work during business hrs at
Ameriprise 1 Almaden Blvd, Ste 800, San Jose, CA 95113

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Last push on art show Fri. To all those pushing my work and show info in your personal circles I THANK YOU and wish you ALL THE BEST!!!

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