Saturday, May 07, 2011

A BIG THANK YOU to all the friends and family that came out to last nights art show at Kaleid Gallery. I hope all of you enjoyed the new work and time you spent at the gallery. To those of you that put down your hard earned money on my work I am humbled and THANK YOU for your continued support.

THANK YOU to Cherri Lakey and Kaleid Gallery staff Lacey and Eddie for making the show happen and giving this body of work a home for this month. Also for all their understanding and patience.

I understand that due personal matters and schedules that some of you were not able to attend. Keep in mind that the RENASCI show will be up until MAY 27th. This gallery encourages change so that being known I will be taking advantage and making some modification to my show as time allows. Nothing taken out but something added. I'll keep you posted when and what that might be soon.

My show mate Katie Gutierrez rocked it with her gallery show. Her visual set up turned out quiet amazing!!! Katie you ROCKED!!!! If you get the chance drop her a line through her site and facebook and let her know what you think.

DJ BLAZE killed it with spinning the beats. You kept it going and slammed out a great set. Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!

To Darius B'Alexander THANK YOU FOR THE BUTTONS PACK!!! I have something for your efforts to give to you.

To all the friends new and old I wish you ALL THE BEST!!!


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This FRIDAY MAY 6th I will be having an ART SHOW @ KALEID GALLERY in SAN JOSE, CA.

The show will also include art from graphic designer Katie Gutirez.