Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It is funny to think that the impact of a blog will help see insight to anything at all about the person you are reading about, but to do that there needs to be weights of real truth given. In my case it seem to be trickles of drops here and there. Frankly there is part of me that is just not in the mood to do it. On other days I feel different of course.

I find it interesting to hear people’s points of views on my work that I think is crap. It is also interesting to find those that feel they need to tell you what your work is and that their word should be the last and finale above all others. He he Suckers!!

The question is asked from time to time.” How do you come up with your ideas?” So that being a question I feel I could jump on I’ll try and give an explanation perhaps you might mirror or that you know you have no relation with.

When trying to come up with something it's not always easy and on other occasions it feels as though the well is endless and I can’t find a stopping point to find sleep. Often it I find myself going through my catalog of music to obtain a feeling or certain point of view. Music happens to be my strongest catalyst. I run through my Ipod, computer,cd collection, and online to find something to open that third eye. I want to get in that zone were my mind is not thinking in the common manner. To the point were my thoughts start to get textured.

If I find that is not working, which on some occasions is doesn’t I’ll watch a movie or go skateboard. Quit often you hear other artists self-medicating themselves with items ranging from caffeine to other exotic combinations. That is something I can’t do. Unfortunately I can’t have large amounts of caffeine and alcohol is only taken in small doses on special occasions. Anything else is out of the question. However I do find many hours of no sleep creates this open mind effect, which I enjoy up until the point I know I’m hurting my body depriving it of rest.

My subject ideas tend to jump from the cute to the brooding to the down right evil. It sometimes depends the mood I’m in other than the job I’m working on. I quite often find myself trying to balance the inner kid that wants to be more and mixing it with some type of musical aspect. Other times I’ll concentrate just on the figure and continue to add lines till the image starts to move down a road I feel comfortable with.

Masks seem to be a common theme in my pieces along with a few other items. I like the Idea of sometimes not knowing whether my characters could be bad or good. Just like life it’s not always how the person appears but how he or she acts. It’s also nice to keep a mystery about something even though you can see it in plain sight.

More Soon.