Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing.

So here is another one for you.
Was looking through some old commissions I did and found this one done a while ago.
Monky and Horns.
More soon..

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is what's UP!!

It’s 5:02am going over all the art I’ve got to get done. Last week was APE Con up in SF. A little late but Thanks to all those that came by and showed your support. As you can tell I don’t make this update thing at All a habit. I might back track bit on posting old work up here and there from shows previous.

So this week what’s going down? Well if you live in the San Jose area and happen to be in Japan town hit up Roy’s Station for a good cup of coffee or treat. I’ve done an exclusive print for them. More info on Roy’s and directions here

While at APE I bought one of the best sketchbooks I think I might have bought in awhile. The book is itself a piece of art. All hand bound and layered with some nice rage paper. I’ll post up the maker’s info a little later.

You ever buy some really good paper look at it when you get home and say “What the hell am I going to put on this now?” It’s so expensive you don’t want screw it up. I get that way with expensive papers and canvases. It’s always a hurdle to jump in my mind. Once I get past that I just don’t care and keep drawing. That being said I’ll be filling the damn thing up and keep posting pics here.

Now for a little sleep.

More soon…

Friday, October 02, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con or Bust!!!

Hey everyone! This is Chemix (the goofy kid with the hat) taking over Emonic's blog for a little while. Emonic will be in Long Beach Starting today until Sunday. If you're in the area go check him out and if you're there! He'll be in in the Artist Alley at table 102 with the remaining copies of his first full-color artbook along with prints and shirts. Also if you get a chance during THIS EVENING ONLY you can watch him perform live art with the likes of Jim Mahfood and friends at 8:30 PM in Room 204. If you still need more convincing (REALLY?!) you can look up info at: