Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hayward Con.

This past weekend I was a guest at the Hayward Comic Book Convention.
We tried something a bit different at this show. What we did was set up about four panels and had any kids or young artist's contribute their art work. The turn out was really good and gave me the chance to talk to other artists.

The idea was sparked up by Steve Wyatt who organized the show. Steve had seen me doing live art at the last Sacramento show and asked if I could come up with something that would allow others to get involved doing art. So the plan is once the panels are filled with aspiring artists work I would then do a piece of art to bring the whole thing together.

Once all the pieces are finished they will be donated at the next Sacramento comic show in December. The donations will be going to The Hero Initiative a charity to help current and retired artists in need. For more on this organization please go here.


Here is one of the commissions I did at the show for Mike. Thanks Mike!!
More soon!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gallery Show Recap

Back home and have been setting up things for up coming shows. So posts have not been to much of a concern. I'll try and keep that up for those that read the blog.

The show was amazing and was a great experiance. Being my first time to the gallery I didn't know what to expect but once surrounded by all the art work my nerves started to calm down. Then I had to do a film interview about the 20 years of Sandman and what it means to me. For those of you that might see that interview I warn you I stumble on my words.
Then the night continued on with me giving advice,doing sketches, and talking with other artists. One of whom I was hoping to meet was Mike Dringenberg. He was a real down to earth guy who you could talk to. At one point both Jason Shawn Alexander and I were captivated in conversation by Mike's plans for up coming projects. I can't wait to see what he does next.
At the end of the evening I got to meet Wade and Ben who run Nucleus and talked about artists that interest us as of right now. I can't wait to show there again. Thanks Ben and Wade and thank you to those that turned up and showed your support and continue to show interest in my work.

Me with Ryan Graff the master mind behind show. Thanks Ryan for everything!!

Moving on for any art collecters that might be interested in buying one of the two pieces there is one piece left for sale through Nucleus Gallery. Also there are still a number of great pieces still up for grabs by other artist. The one I wanted is ECLIPSE OF THE REAL by Mike Dringenberg. Man that is such a sweet piece!!! Prices being what they are and with these hard times I was in fact able to get a piece of the show and will display it once its in my hands. Check out the stuff and tell your friends,family and enemies.

Nucleus Gallery

I've received a few emails in regards to shirts and would like to say to all those that have seen shirt designs at cons but don't find them here on the site...please be patient. That matter is being handled and I will have an new full order by the end of Oct. We will be posting new artwork as well. Once they are up I will send out a heads up email to those that have asked and those one our email list. If your not on the email list and would like to be added just drop me a line through the site saying ADD ME TO THE MAIL LIST.

More Soon.