Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I am sure is going to be a hard day for many people. I am sitting here trying to remember the first time I saw his art and what piece exactly I saw first. And as I think back my mind does not land on just one image it lands on many them. From what I recall his work has always been there in my eye directly through books or indirectly through other artists that have seen the genius in his work and have tried to capture it for themselves.

Taking another moment I think of his signature. Hands down that has to be one of the most recognized signatures in the world. To the point were others have even mimicked it in some way when finally signing their art. The F of his name always looked like a sword giving his signature such a great design that would burn in your mind. So when you saw that F again you would say yep that’s the Man the Myth the Legend….. that’s a Frazetta piece!

Many artists have tried to mirror his work in some form or fashion through character design, painting style, and subject placement. Be it man or beast his subjects would have the presence of power and movement ready to jump off the page. His beautiful women would look powerful with weapon in hand ready to take on any challenge. From the realistic to the pure fantasy Frazetta did all. He did it so well and set the bar so high it will be some time before any artists reach it. He has paved the way for many artists by showing them how to think outside the box and past the page.

Although I never did meet Frazetta I have to say THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all the hours of work you put down on paper and canvas. THANK YOU for showing us artists that the dream in our heads can look just as good down on paper.