Friday, August 26, 2011

So here is a process piece for those of you that like to look at the nuts and bolts of things. Lets get into it….

Grabbed a 9x12 Bristol piece and slammed it to the desk and sketched a bit, erased a bit, and repeated process till something started to show it self. Music helps during this point.

Once I got the road map down and knew where I’m going I got busy with my pen and start laying down my solid lines. That Monster was not looking cool until he had teeth.

Now that I see what’s going on as a whole I started to go back in and add those little elements of snarling the teeth to putting designs on the costume and any other elements. You can see I’m thinking about giving him a design around his eye.

All right now everything is popped out and looking strong. At this point I’m going in and adding in my line weight to pop out elements.

It’s been good so far but there is still more to go. Time to break out the paint. But before I do that I tape down my piece because this thing is going to get wet and will buckle. Throwing the first colors down in any random way is fun and helps give the piece a dynamic feel. Not all the time but often I go to my yellow hue’s when starting.

Since the first color is down I move onto the next colors that happen to be the biggest of the piece and knock those out.

Getting anxious to use my whites I throw those down and pop out some items.

Now I’m moving a bit faster here and just move in with getting down all the color and start popping things back out. These drum breaks are starting to come together.

Not entirely happy with the color tone on some items I go back in and add some things and finish popping this bad boy out. Also finish up on throwing down some shadows. Now that’s a Crunchy Drum Break!!

This Break will be FOR SALE tonight at On the Corner in Campbell for the Scary Monsters and Super Beats Show!!!

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