Monday, August 08, 2011

Pen on Napkin. Sketch Done in hospital waiting room.

This is over due and I have been on many tasks. Thanks to all those that came out to the the past shows and showed your support by talking and giving your hard earned money on my work!!! You know who you are and you keep me going.

For those that were not able to come out to San Diego Comic Con or San Jose STREET MRKT have no fear. I will be at this coming San Jose Toy Show. [[[MORE INFO]]]

A Brother of mine Abel Coronado has been in the hospital for some time now and has a ton of people pulling for him on a speedy recovery. We are all waiting to see you out and about and doing more art. Much Love to you from all of us here at the house!!!

If you know Abel and want to help there is a Donation Facebook page. Or if you don't know Abel and want to be one of the coolest people that I know go to the link. Anything helps.

Link will be up till AUG 19. [[[Help Donate HERE]]]

All the BEST!!!

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