Friday, July 23, 2010

SDCC Day to and on the Move.

For those that are keeping up I’ve been trying to post as much on the Facebook and Twitter.
So just a quick recap on you yesterday. The day revolved around my ass being stuck to my table. I met a tone real cool people and had old friends and fans return. It is always amazing to talk to those all way from other countries who make the trek out her just for this con.

I had a real cool conversation with a woman who was here from Manchester and works in a comic book store. Besides that she worked in a jail for inmate programs and helps run a crisis line for those in need. Along with that worked with group that teaches self-defense for women. Nicole and I thought she rocked and enjoyed talking to her again.
For those that don’t know there is nothing normal about Comic –Con and that comes down to the unique looking people. This guy walked up with a crazy Yosemite Sam mustache with big smiles. This beard had character and amazed me when he turned defying gravity on his face as me moved back and forth in conversation. I asked him is occupation and he replied with wild grin I am a gym couch. I though man that has to be crazy you walk in for the first time to your locale gym ready to work out and you get this guy. Not the waxed down muscle bulging common gym couch. You get the wild smile fire red gravity beard guy who looks like he just walked in off the street and says you ready to work.
Last the day ended with two friends who had bought work from me before trying to decide which painting to buy. That’s always a good problem to see.

Well that’s a quick thing for yesterday.

If you are at the con stop by at Table H12 at Aisle 900. We still have free posters to give out.
On to day Two Stay tuned.

All the Best!

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