Saturday, July 24, 2010

SDCC Day 3 is out now on to 4. SAT.

Well the 3rd day of SDCC has come and gone. Now its SAT!!! For those that know it means mass of mounts of people off work and at the CON.

I would like to quickly mention just a small topic if I could. Con-Funk it’s that over whelming mist of all your other fellow humans that decided not shower and show up to this grand escapade. Not COOL!!

Now SPEEDSTICK and AXE BODY SPREAY or any of you other sweet smelling brands deodorants out there. Come to COMIC-CON set up a booth stations in the aisles and hand out your free packs. Hell your trying to make money and I feel that you need to consider the element of surprise on your marketing campaign. There are a few thousands of people that would love to receive your free smelling packs of goodness. Maybe there are those that don’t know they need it. But let me assure you that there are those that do. And I think it would be at least the one none comic book element accepted here. On behalf of all of us working here at COMIC-CON that fight the FUNK. Help us win the war on CON-FUNK.

Moving on to bigger and better. Yesterday was filled with lots of highs and one huge low. It was very humbling to have two really cool guys viewing my new work series and decide how much and which one of my paintings might need a home.

It’s always fun to talk to the new kid who has come to Comic –Con for the first time. I love giving free sketches out to those people. Just the amazement in the their eyes as they try and take in every aspect and visual overload.

Well it seems this entry will have to be cut shorter then I would like so I will say stay tuned.

All the BEST!!

Writer Chris Williamson and I getting down and signing.

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