Thursday, March 31, 2011


On Friday in downtown San Jose at Kalied Gallery there will be a memorial show featuring the work of Jessica Beerli.
Unfortunately Jessica passed away at the begging of this year and was on her way to do some really fantastic work. I had the great opportunity of meeting Jessica at the last Kalied Christmas party. Prior to that I only knew her work. Color and technique are some the qualities that are very present in the work she created.

Come out if you can and celebrate the life of a very talented artist.

You can find out more info HERE!!!!!! Kaleid Gallery!!!!!

Lacey Bryant

Lacey is another talented Kalied artist who will be showing at the OZ Gallery up in San Francisco. She is a monster with oils and proves it with every new piece she puts out. Always amazing work and someone to look out for. If you have not heard about her you will.

OZ Gallery In San Francisco
April 1st Begging at 8pm. 3224 22nd st (between Mission & Bartlett)

More Info HERE!!!

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