Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank YOU Emerald City Comic Con Fans!

Hello cool kids!!! Just wanted to say up front that I am SORRY to all those that came by the table on Sunday to get a signature and found me not present. Unfortunately what I thought to be just little sore throat was actually me getting sick and losing my voice. With everything going on in my life apparently I wore my self down.

Thank you to everyone in Seattle who stopped by and let me sign your book and expressed their appreciation for my work. You guys Rock !!!

A Big Thanks goes out to all the Staff at Emerald City Comic Con who Rocked. Also THANK YOU to Ren Cummins and Tom Miller on staff who kept running to get me hot water. You guys went above and beyond and made a bad situation better. Tom you need a cape and Ren I’ll see about getting you a Spider-Man costume. For those that were not able to attend the show here is one of the new prints. The design was originally done for my friend Darlene’s arm tattoo.
More Soon.


Anonymous said...

I was looking for Dresses and was wondering if Charlotte Russe is the best designer for Dresses?

office monkey said...

So awesome to see you and Cody again! Nice to see that you're not only doing well, but got a submission into the Monsters & Dames book, and you've got an agent now! Your art continues to get better and better.

You need to make some emonic beanies (caps) with the skull from a couple of your illustrations - that would rock! Also, talk to Alberto Ruiz's "ProcessJunkie" group to get a hardbound sketchbook of yours and Cody's stuff for future cons.