Monday, January 25, 2010


I am so lucky to get opportunities to meet other artist and see how they work. I’m also lucky to get their art book. Corey Bernhardt is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist up in Sacramento CA. We’ve crossed paths a few times and had the chance to really talk at the Sac Drink and Draw a few months back.

We were talking about techniques and how we work in different mediums. Corey pulled out his art book and I new I had to have one. Knowing that it’s not a massed produced item made me want it that much more.

The week of Xmas I received a package with his book. For the past month or so this book has been on my desk and has been frequently opened while taking phone calls and having to do work.

Corey is a down to earth guy with wicked art skills. He has eye for great design, which compliments his illustration technique really well. The few oil paintings presented in the book are strong and have great color tone.

I look forward to seeing his future projects and getting more of his books.
To see more Corey Bernhardt’s work visit his website at

To any other art friends out there. If you have an art book I WANT IT!!!
More soon.

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