Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art Box

It’s Cold! That is the phrase that seems to be said by me more than 10 a day this week. Puts me in a mood of “Screw this I’m not getting out of bed”. Then I get the call that buzzes my phone and the email that rings my computer and I have to get up.

Let’s talk Art!

 “What mediums do you use?”  This is another question I get from time to time.

The short answer is Everything I can. I am sure there are those artists that are just set on using paint and those just in pencil. I’m not set in one way of doing things. If it works and gets the job done I’ll use it.

Here is my workbox!! This thing goes with me to every convention and as you can see its filled with a number of things. For a while I was against getting one of these to trek around but Nicole convinced me otherwise. I’m glade she did.

Lets do a quick inventory of what I have in here.

Bic Pens: I love using these pens for drawing. Bic should give me a sponsorship for using them so much. You Hear Me Bic?!!!

Sharpie Pens: Don’t know an artist that doesn’t just have one of these in his toolbox. These are useful drawing tool and good to have around when you are signing your art.

Kneaded Rubber Eraser: I end up having a few of these that end up in different shapes. It is really good to have for your pencil work.

Small electric Eraser: Sometimes you lay down a line that just to stubborn to come up. This tool is good to tighten up your messy pencils.

White Out Pens: I’ll use a few different kinds like Uni, Elmers, and Sharpie. Love drawing with these as well as using them for quick fill inns and highlights.

Fat Tip Markers: These things mean business so keep in a well-ventilated area. Good for throwing down fat black lines and fill inns. I love having different kinds. One of my favorites is large red color Krink.  Pilot and Sharpie’s are also kept.

Liquitex Acylic Paint: I keep a various amount of small tubes. I get all my live art shows done with these.

Sanford Col-Erase Pencils: I love working with these pencils. Having various colors of reds blues and green. I use these to lay down my line work when I do use a pencil.

Prismacolor Pens: These are great markers to use. Great tones of colors to choose from and always kept in my box.

Copic Markers: I have just few of these. I don’t find I use these as many other artist do. However they are great pens and have a lot of tones to choose from. Have to buy some wide tipped ones soon.

0.5 Lead Pencil: When I need to make a sharp line I have a favorite one that is a pencil and pen in one made by Mitsubishi. I found it over at Kinokuniya bookstore.

Art Pallet: I keep a small plastic one that has a lid so that I can mix a lot of colors and close it up and not waste my paint when I’m done.

Small bottles of water: I keep two small oz sized bottles of water to clean brushes and mix my paint.

Pentel Color Brush: These brushes are awesome. I was at a show talking to another artist when I saw this style of brush and had to go out and buy some.

Brushes: I’ll keep various sizes and kinds of brushes in my box. I even have a few in here I bought at Ikea. Sponge brushes are fun to work with as well.

So everything from Bic pens to Acrylic paints and various markers and brushes.  I even keep spray can tops in here for those moments I feel I’m in a can mood. Hats off to you guys that can draw with just cans. That is something I don’t have down as of right now. Maybe I can change that.

I hope this helps those that did have questions. If you still have some feel free to ask.


More Soon


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