Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Endless Reflections 20 Years of ART

This weekend on Sat. Oct 4th I will have my work in a show at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra CA. The show will be commemorating 20 years of Vertigo's Sandman series. I will have a total of 2 pieces in the show along with a major line up of other artists.

I would like to thank Ryan Graff who has set up this event and gave me the opportunity to be part of such a great line up. Like many people, I've admired quiet a few of these artists and feel very privileged to be able to show my art along side theirs in such a well known gallery.

If you are in the LA area and are free this Sat. Please stop by.If you are unable to attend please keep in mind that the show will be up until Oct. 20th. I'm sure there are a multitude of Sandman lovers out there and I look forward to seeing those that can make the show.

Here are some pics of the art that will be in the show. I apologize for the poor quality pics. Once better ones are taken I will post those.

The Twins. Acrylic on 24x24 inch wood panel.

Death is the leader. Acrylic on 48x24 masonite panel. (Although the piece is already finished this is the best pic showing all the characters clearly.)

More soon.


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vinh said...

congrats for getting in the show good luck with will try to check it out in a later time.